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Organizational Structure
Organizational Structure

1. General Assembly

As the highest decision-making forum with the participation of all members of The NAS, the General Assembly is responsible for approving admission of its members, regular and honorary, ratification of the NAS Award recipients, election of the President and Vice-President of The NAS, enactment and amendment of The NAS's operational and other rules. An annual meeting is held in July and ad hoc meetings to handle special matters are held whenever necessary.

2. Division Meetings

The NAS consists of two divisions: one is the Humanities & Social Sciences Division and the other Sciences Division. Division meetings are held to deliberate and decide on the election of their regular and honorary members, and the selection of the NAS Award recipients for each division.

3. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the 4 executive directors - the President, the Vice-President, the Directors of the two divisions - and 11 subdivision Chairs. The Board reviews and votes on matters delegated by or to be proposed to the General Assembly and also such matters as deemed necessary by the President. The President and Vice-President are elected by the General Assembly and their term of office is two years, and renewable once. Directors of the Humanities & Social Science Division and the Natural Division are elected in the respective Division Meetings and their renewable term of office is one year. Subdivision Chairmen are elected by the members of each subdivision and their renewable term of office is one year.

4. Subdivision Meetings

All members of The NAS belong to a subdivision depending on their field of study. There are 6 subdivisions in the Humanities & Social Sciences Division and 5 subdivisions in the Natural Sciences Division. Each subdivision holds 6 meetings a year, in which research works of members are presented and discussed, membership and honorary membership candidates are screened, and a preliminary review of the NAS Award is conducted.

5. International Exchange & Cooperation Committee

The International Exchange & Cooperation Committee deals with the tasks related to the NAS affiliated international academic organizations and activities such as collecting materials and data on international academic awards.

6. Publication Committee

The Publication Committee consists of president, vice-president, two division directors, and eleven members from each subdivision. The Committee is in charge of the NAS publication: setting up a basic plan, appointing writers and referees, and overseeing other editorial matters.

7. Secretariat of the NAS, Republic of Korea

The Ministry of Education operates the office to support the administrative affairs of The NAS.