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Academic Exchanges

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Collaboration with Foreign Academies

In its capacity as the representiative academic research organization of the nation the NAS has been promoting active exchanges of visits and research resources among domestic and foreign academy members by concluding agreements of collaborative relations with, so far, the following 14 overseas academies:

Agreements concluded with overseas research Academies

Agreements for establishing collaborative relations with overseas research Academies
Year Foreign Academies
2016 The Australian Academy of Humanities
2012 Gottingen Academy of sciences and Humanities
2010 Croatian Acadmy of Science and Arts
1998 The Japan Academy
1997 The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities
The Mongolian Academy of Sciences
1996 The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters
1995 The British Academy
1993 Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A.
The Royal Society
1992 Academie des Sciences, Institut de France
1990 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Academic Exchanges
The visit of UAI bureau members

Participation in International Conferences

The NAS is an active member of various international science organizations that promote international scientific exchanges and cooperation. The NAS participates in various international conferences as a member of the following 6 international science organizations: Pacific Science Association(PSA), International Science Council(ISC), Union Academique Internationale(UAI), Science Council of Asia (SCA), InterAcademy Partnership(IAP), and International Foundation for Science(IFS).