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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Park, Seung-Woo

of Term
2015-07-10 ~
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1967~1971 College of Agriculture, Seoul National University (B.S)
1973~1975 Graduate School, Seoul National University (M.S)
1978~1981 University of Illinois, USA. (Ph.D)
1981~1983 Research Associate, University of Illinois USA
1984~1994 Assistant & Associate Professor, Seoul National University
1992 Visiting Professor, Virginia Polytech & Institute, USA
1994~2015 Professor, Seoul National University (SNU)
1999~2012 Member, Central Commission for the Stream Management
2001~2009 Member, The Saemangeum Environmental Planning Committee
2003 Visiting Professor, University of Kyoto, Japan
2005~2006 President, The Korean Society of Rual Planning
2009~present Member, The Saemangeum Committee
2012~2015 Director, Research Institute for Green Eco Engineering, SNU
2015~present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
2015~present Senior Researcher, Institute of Green-Bio Sciences & Technology, SNU
Major Articles
Major Articles
1982 A dynamic system model for simulating sediment discharge
1982 A splash erosion model: physical analyses
1982 A discrete system storage model for analyzing rainfall-runoff relationships
1982 Soil erosion simulation on small watersheds: A Modified ANSWERS Model
1983 Rainfall characteristics and their relation to splash erosion
1994 BMP impacts on watershed runoff, sediment, and nutrient yields
1997 Assessment of management alternatives on a small agricultural watershed
2006 Applying SWAT for TMDL programs to a small watershed containing rice paddy fields
2006 Application of Grey model and artificial neural network to flood forecasting
2007 Modeling and assessing the impact of reclaimed wastewater irrigation on the nutrient loads from an agricultural watershed containing rice paddy fields
2007 Assessment of reclaimed wastewater irrigation impacts on water quality, soil, and rice cultivation in paddy fields
2008 Evaluation of agricultural nonpoint source (AGNPS) model for small watersheds in Korea applying irregular cell delineation
2008 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils and crops after irrigation of wastewater discharged from domestic sewage treatment plants
2009 Identifying two-dimensional characteristics of surface water hydraulics in an irrigated paddy field
2009 Design of drainage culverts considering critical storm duration
2009 Estimation of irrigation return flow from paddy fields considering the soil moisture
2010 Runoff losses of suspended sediment, nitrogen, phosphorous from a small watershed in Korea
2010 Simulations of storm hydrographs in mixed-landuse watershed using a modified TR-20 model
2012 Assessing nutrient losses of reclaimed wastewater irrigation in paddy fields for sustainable agriculture
2012 Assessing irrigation water capacity of land use change in a data-scarce watershed of Korea
2013 Assessing environmental impacts of reclaimed wastewater irrigation in paddy fields using bioindicator
2014 GIS-based lake sediment budget estimation taking into consideration land use change in an urbanizing catchment area,
2014 Assessment of growth and yield components of rice irrigated with reclaimed wastewater
2014 Assessing nitrogen fertilizer rates and split applications using the DSSAT model for rice irrigated with urban wastewater
2014 Combined simulation-optimization model for assessing irrigation water supply capacities of reservoirs
2014 Modeling water flows in a serial irrigation reservoir system considering irrigation return flows and reservoir operations
2015 Impact of domestic wastewater irrigation on heavy metal contamination in soil and vegetables
2015 An adaptive watershed management assessment based on watershed investigation data
Major works
Major works