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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Ho Wan Chang

of Term
2011-07-08 ~
Specialty Geochemistry
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1969 Seoul National University(SNU), B.S. in Geology
1979 Louvain Catholic University, Ph.D. in Geological & Mineralogical Sciences
1979-1982 Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM)
1982-2008 Professor, School of Earth and Environ. Sciences, SNU
1995-1999 Dean, College of Natural Sciences, SNU
1996-1999 Member, Policy Council of Basic Sciences, Ministry of Science and Technology
1997-1998 Advisor to the Educational Reformation Committee, Ministry of Education
1999-2003 Director on the Board of Directors, KRCFST
2000-2002 President, The Geological Society of Korea
2002 Ungbijang Decoration in Recognition of Science and Technological Services of Korea
2003-2006 Commissioner, The Korean Nuclear Commission
2005-2011 Vice-President, The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
2008-2011 President of KIGAM
2008-Present Professor Emeritus, SNU
Major Articles
Major Articles
1998 Neoproterozoic bimodal volcanism in the central Ogcheon belt, Korea: age and tectonic implication, Precambrian Research,V.89,p.47-57
2003 Luminescence dating of well-sorted marine terrace sediments on the south-eastern coast of Korea, Quaternary Science Reviews, V.22, p.407-421
2008 Multivariate statistical analysis of underground gas storage caverns on groundwater chemistry in Korea, Hydrological Processes, V.22, p.3410-3417
2008 Chemical weathering of carbonates and silicates in the Han River basin, South Korea, Chemical Geology, V.247, p.66-80
2009 Stable isotopic composition of dinosaur eggshells and pedogenic carbonates in the upper cretaceous seonso formation, South Korea; Paleoenvironmental and diagenetic implications,Cretaceous Research, V.30, p.93-99
Major works
Major works
2005 Chang, H. W. et al., South-North Korean Scientific Glossary (Geology), KOFST, 809 p. (korean)
2006 Kim,J-U, Chang, H. W., Geomorphic and Geochrono-ogic Survey of Coastal Terraces on the East Coast of the Korean Peninsular, KHNP, 390p. (korean)
2007 Kim, J-M, Chang, H. W., Hydrogeological and hydrogeo-chemical studies on groundwater system and nuclide behavior in the vicinity of intermediate and low level radioactive waste repositories, KHNP, 120p. (korean)