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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Choh, Sung Ho

of Term
2011-07-08 ~
Specialty Condensed-matter Physics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1954-58 B S in Physics, Seoul National University
1958-60 M S in Experimental Physics, Seoul National Univ.
1958-61 Research Member, Research Institute of National Defense
1961-63 Instructor, Physics Department, Yonsei Univ.
1962-Present Korean Physical Society. Member, Fellow(1972- ), Vice-President & Editor-in-Chief(1989-93), Board Member (1993-97)
1963-68 Ph D in Physics, Brown Univ.(USA)
1966-present American Physical Society, Member
1968-71 Post-doc. Fellow, Phys. Dept. McMaster Univ.(Canada)
1970-2000 Association of Canadian Physicists, Member
1971-Present Associate Professor (1971-74), Professor (1974-2001), Physics Dept. Korea Univ. Professor Emeritus (2001- )
1979-80 Visiting Scientist, Clarendon Laboratory. Oxford Univ.(UK)
1980-present Institute of Physics(UK), Member, Fellow (1997- )
1986-present International Society of Magnetic Resonance, Member
1987-88 Visiting Professor, Physics Dept. Brown Univ.
1990 Samil Cultural Academic Award
1990-present Groupment of AMPERE, Member. Guest Member (1996- )
1991-present Intern. Soc. of Nucl. Quadrupole Interactions, Member
1994-present The Korean Academy of Science and Technology Member(1994-95), Fellow(1995-2005), Senior Member(2006- )
1996-97 Visiting Professor, Physics Dept. Monash Univ.(Australia)
1996-present Korean Magn. Reson. Soc. Member. President (2000-02)
2000 Sungbong Physics Award
2001-Present Korea Basic Sci. Inst. Inv.(2001-05), Em. Res. Member (2006- )
2004 The National Academy of Sciences(Rep. of Korea) Award
Major Articles
Major Articles
1958 The Measurement of the Magnetic Moment of the Proton, Physics Research (College of Arts & Sciences, SNU) 𝟰(1), 52-74 (with S I Kwon, M J Rhee, M S Chung)
1967 Forbidden Hyperfine Spectra in ESR due to Hyperfine Anisotropy and Nuclear Zeeman Interaction, Phys. Rev. (American Physical Society) 𝟏𝟔𝟒(2), 412-417(with G. Seidel)
1978 Point-charge approximation of trigonal Tm²⁺ and Yb³⁺ centres in Crystals of CaF₂structure, J. Phys. C. Solid State Phys. (Institute of Physics (UK)) 𝟏𝟏(4), 725-734(with K S Yi)
1994 Nuclear quadrupole resonance gaussometry of low magnetic fields, Rev. Sci. Instrum.(American Phys. Soc.) 𝟔𝟓(5), 1663-1666(with J K Jung, K T Han & C S KIm)
2002 ⁶⁹, ⁷¹Ga NMR studies of quad. int. in the free standing GaN s. c. grown by hydride V-P epitaxy, Phys. Rev. B (APS) 𝟔𝟓 195210-1~4(with IW Park, H Choi, HJ Kim, HW Shin, SS Park)
Major works
Major works
1985 Magnetic Resonance Methods, Minumsa
2003 Solid-State Magnetic Resonance, Korea Uinv. Press
2006 An Interesting Physics Magnifier – Prof. Choh’s Amusing Accounts, Academia
2012 Same as above (Second Edition)