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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Ohh, Bong Kug

of Term
1981-08-12 ~
Specialty Animal Science
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1952 B.S College of Agriculture, Seoul National University
1953-1956 M.S Graduate School, Seoul National University
1955-1957 M.S Graduate School, University of Minnesota, U.S.A.
1958-1991 Professor, Dept. of Animal Science, Seoul National University
1965-1968 Ph.D. Graduate School, University of Sydney, Australia
1969-1970 President, The Korean Society of Poultry Association
1972-1976 President, Korean Society of Animal Science
1975 Science Award, The Korean Society of Animal Sciences
1978-1982 Director, Research Institute of Agri. Development, Seoul National University
1982 Sakryu Merit of Civil Order
1983-1985 President, Korean Breeding Society
1983-1987 President, Korean Society of Poultry Science
1987-1989 Dean, College of Agriculture, Seoul National University
1988-1992 President, The Association of Korean Agricultural Science Societies
1990 Outstanding Achivement Award, University of Minnesoda, U.S.A
1991 Moran Merit of Civil Order
1991 Science Award, The National Academy of Sciences
1991-1995 President, East & Pacific Federation, World's Poultry Science Association
1991-Present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
1995-Present Senior Member of Korean Academy of Science and Technology
2008-2010 Director, Natural Sciences Division, The National Academy of Science
Major Articles
Major Articles
1970 Selection for Dominance of Hairy-Wing (Hw) in DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER I. Dominance at Different Levels of Phenotype. Genetics 66(3):517-540
1982 Estimation of Genetic Parameters Based on the Maternal Genetic Components for Economic Traits in Layer. Proc. 2nd Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production 8:825-830
1996 Simple and Rapid Sex Determination of Preimplanted Bovine Embryos with Male Specific Repetitive Sequences. Korean J. Animal Sci. 38(1)43-51
2009 A Long-term Analysis of Time Trends in the Performance of Layer Strains Based on Results of Korean Random Sample Tests. The National Academy Of Sciences 48(1): 247-273
Major works
Major works