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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Kwon, E Hyock

of Term
1981-08-12 ~
Specialty Preventive Medicine
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1947 College of Medicine, Seoul National University
1947-1951 Studied at Graduate School, Seoul National University
1955-1956 Studied at School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, U.S.A
1956-1980 Professor, Seoul National University
1969-1969 Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
1976-2006 Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science
1979-1980 General-Director, Seoul National University Hospital
1981-1983 President, Seoul National University
1983-1985 Minister, Ministry of Education, R.O.K.
1985-1988 President, Korea National University of Education
1988-1988 Minister, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, R.O.K.
1990-1992 President, The Korean Federation of Sciences & Technology Societies
1991-1992 Minister, Ministry of Environment, R.O.K.
1992-1996 President, The National Academy of Sciences, R.O.K.
1995-Present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
1996-2007 Chairman, Board of Trustees, Sungkyunkwan University
2007-Present Chairman, Headquarters of the World for Zero Tuberculosis Movement
Major Articles
Major Articles
1959 Study on Blood Values in Korean; Normal Blood Values in Korean, Seoul Univ. J.(Med. & Pharm. Series) Vol. 8,
1963 Socio-medical Surveys on Some Specific Communities, Seoul Univ. J.(Med. & Pharm. Series C) Vol. 13,
1966 The Characteristics of Urban Population From Public Health Point of View, J. Korean Med. Ass. Vol. 9, No. 4
1968 A Study on Health Administration Status and Measures to Improve Physical Conditions of Primary, Middle and High Schools and University Students, Student Health. Service Seoul Natl, Univ July,
1970 A Study on Health Status of the Primary, Middle and High School Teachers Assessed by Application of Cornell Medical Index, J. Korea Modern Med. Vol. 2,
Major works
Major works
1963 ‘Public Health', Dongmyungsa, Pub. Co. 1963(451pages)
1967 'Population and Health', Dongmyungsa, Pub. Co. 1967(234pages)
2000 Reminiscences: 'Another Hill', Shinwon Pub. Co. 2000(709pages)
2004 'Modern Public Health', Shinkwangsa, Pub. Co. 1978(499pages)