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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lim, Burn Jang

of Term
2007-07-13 ~
Specialty Sport Science (Sport Sociology)
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1964 College of Education, Seoul National University (B.S.)
1968 Graduate school, Seoul National University (M.S.)
1969-2006 Professor, Seoul National University
1976 Graduate school, George Williams College (M.S.)
1982-1984 Director, The Research Institute of Physical Education, Seoul National University
1986 Graduate school, Han-Yang University (Ph.D.)
1989-1994 Executive board member, The Korea Olympic Committee
1990-1997 President, The Korean Society for the Sociology of Sport
1991-1995 Vice President, The International Sociology of Sport Association
1992-1996 President, The Korean Society of School Sport
1997-1999 President, The Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
2000-2001 Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
2001-2002 Chairman, The Sports Forum 21C
2002-2005 President, The Korea Institute of Sport Science
2005-2008 Vice President, Korea Sport Council
2006-present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
2007-2010 Chairman, Korea Foundation for the Next Generation Sports Talent
2011-present Chair-Professor, Dankook University
2011-present Honorary Member, The International Sociology of Sport Association
Major Articles
Major Articles
1986 A study on the game orientation in sport socialization. 1986 Asian Games Scientific Congress. DanKook University, Cheonan, Korea.
1994 Lim, Burn Jang, Rho, Hee Duk, Kim, Dong Jin, Chung, Ung Kun, Kang, Sin Bok, & Park, Jin Kyung. Priorities of Financial Investments in Mass Sport. Journal of Sport Management, Vol. 8(1).
1995 Effects of Physical Activities on Job Satisfaction and Productivity among Workers. in Sport. in Space and Time. eds. Otmar Weiss/Wolfgang Schulz. Vienna: Vienna University Press. pp.370-380.
1996 The Effect of Job Characteristics on Job Satisfaction among Sport Organization Members. Korean Journal of Sociology of Sport, Vol. 5: 1-18.
2004 Changes in The Symbolism of Korean National Flag through the 2002 FIFA World Cup: Cultural Popularization and Political Disempowerment of National Flag(with Kim, Kyung-Sik et al.). International Journal of Applied Sport Science. Vol.16, No.1. Korea Sport Science Institute. pp.65-82.
Major works
Major works
1979. the Science of Swimming. Dongwhamoonwhasa.
1994. An Introduction to Sport Sociology. Rainbow Books.
2000. An Introduction to Sport For All. Seoul National university press.