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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Kim, Soo Jin

of Term
1994-07-08 ~
Specialty Geology(Mineralogy)
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1961 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul Natioanl University (B.S.)
1961-1963 Graduate School, Seoul National University (M.S.)
1966-1968 Instructor, Assistant Professor, Inha University
1966-1971 Graduate School, Seoul National University (Ph.D.)
1968-2004 Professor, Seoul National University
1972-1974 Heidelberg University, Germany (Dr. rer. nat.)
1976 Awarded the National Academy of Sciences Prize, R.O.K.
1978 Research Fellow, Harvard University, U.S.A.
1978-1979 Visiting Professor, The University of Chicago, U.S.A.
1979-1983 Member, Research and Development Committee, Korea Science and Engineering Foundation
1986-1994 President, Mineralogical Society of Korea
1989-1991 Policy Advisor to Prime Minister, R.O.K.
1990-1992 Director, Research Institute of Mineral Sciences, Seoul National University
1991-1994 Councillor, Korea Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials (KIGAM)
1991-1999 Councillor, Korea Mining Promotion Corporation
1994-1998 Vice-Chairman, Council, KIGAM
1995-2005 Member, Cultural Property Committee, Cultural Properties Administration, ROK
Major Articles
Major Articles
1977 Janggunite, a new manganese hydroxide mineral from the Janggun mine, Bonghwa, Korea. Mineralogical. Magazine, 41, 519-523.
1991 New characterization of takanelite. American. Mineralogist, 76, 1426-1430.
1993 Chemical and structural variations in rancieite-takanelite solid solution series. Neues Jahrbuch fuer Mineralogie, Monathefte., Jg. 1993, H. 5, 233-240.
1993 Boxwork fabric of halloysite-rich kaolin formed by weathering of anorthosite in the Sancheong area, Korea. Clays and Clay Minerals, 41(1), 56-65.
2004 Dehydration behaviors of interlayer water in synthetic buserites. Geoscience Journal, 8(3), 273-297.
Major works
Major works
1979 The Stratabound Manganese Carbonate Deposits of the Janggun Mine, Gebrueder Borntraeger (Germany).
1986 Mineral Species of Korea, Mineumsa.
1996 Mineral Science, Wooseong Publication Co.