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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Sang Man

of Term
1988-11-08 ~
Specialty Geology (Petrology)
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1950 Graduated from College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul National University
1955-1957 Studied at Michigan Technological University, U.S.A. (M.S.)
1958-1962 Studied at McGill University, Canada (Ph.D.)
1963-1964 Associate Professor, Yonsei University
1964-1991 Professor, Seoul National University
1972-1992 Chairman, National Committee, IUGS
1974-1975 Visiting Professor, Southern Methodist University, U.S.A.
1974-1986 Chairman, Metamorphic Facies Map of South and East Asia, CGMW, UNESCO
1985-1986 President, Geological Society of Korea
1985-1989 Director, Research Institute for Basic Sciences, Seoul National University
1989-1990 Dean, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University
1991-Present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
1992-1993 President, The Petrological Society of Korea
2000-Present Honary President, The Petrological Society of Korea
Major Articles
Major Articles
1972 Metamorphic Facies and Facies Series in Relation to the Tectonics of South Korea, IGC, sec.2, pp.81-87
1976 Cordierite Breakdown under High-Pressure Hydrous Conditions, Contr. Mineral. and Petrol, Vol.56, pp.289-295
1977 Fe-Mg Cordierite Stability in High-Grade Peritic Rocks Based on Experimental, Theoritical, and Natural Observations. Contr. Mineral. and Petrol. Vol.63, pp.175-198
1977 Significance of Fe-Mg Cordierite Stability Relation on Temperature, Pressure, and Water Pressure in Cordierite Granulites, Am. Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C.
Major works
Major works
1986 "Metamorphic Map of South and East Asia" and Explanatory Text, CGMW, UNESCO