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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Ahn, Se Hee

of Term
1997-07-11 ~
Specialty Nuclear Physics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1947-1951 College of Science and Engineering, Yonsei University (B.S.)
1951-1955 Instructor, Korean Air Force Academy
1953-1954 Graduate School, Yonsei University (M.S.)
1955-1959 Graduate School, Northwestern University, U.S.A. (Ph.D.)
1959-1962 Associate Professor, Yonsei University
1962-1993 Professor, Yonsei University
1968-1969 Visiting Professor, Southern Illinois University, U.S.A.
1973-1975 Dean, Graduate School, Yonsei University
1975-1980 Vice-President, Yonsei University
1980-1988 President, Yonsei University
1981-1983 President, Korean Nuclear Society
1983 D.Sc.(honorary), Korea University
1984 D.Sc.(honorary), National Central University, Taiwan
1986 D.Sc.(honorary), Boston University, U.S.A.
1989-1991 President, Korean Physical Society
1990 LL.D.(honorary), Yonsei University
1993 Awarded the Order of Civil Merit of Mugungwha Medal
1993-Present Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University
1994-1999 Consultant, Daewoo Foundation
1994-Present Chairman, Chambich Scholarship Foundation
1999-2003 Board Member, Asian Pacific Center for Theoretical Phisics
Major Articles
Major Articles
1957 Energy and Angular Distribution of Neutrons from the Interaction of 14. 1 Mev Neutrons with Zirconium, Physical Review 108, 110
1959 Vacuum Seals at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature, Review of Scientific Instruments 30, 200
1960 Charged Particles from the 14 Mev Neutron Reaction with Zirconium, Physical Review 119, 1167
1963 Study of Ni (n,p) Co Reaction, Physical Review 132, 378
1976 Electric Monopole Transitions form Excited 0+ States in 156Gd, Journal of Physical Society of Japan 41, 1843
Major works
Major works
1963 Introduction to Natural Science, Yonsei University Press
1988 Reality and Mission of University, Dongah Publishing Co.
1993 Contemporary Understanding of Physics, Chun-Mung-Kack