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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Kim, Chung Kyun

of Term
1996-07-12 ~ 2015-09-28
Specialty International Law
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1951 Graduated from College of Law, Seoul National University (B.A.)
1957-1965 Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul National University
1959-1991 Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
1965-1966 Studied at Harvard Law School (Sp.)
1972 Graduate School, Sungkyunkwan University (LL.D.)
1973-74, 79-28 Dean, College of Law and Political Science, Sungkyunkwan University
1976-1982 Chairman, Board of Directors, Asian Academy in Korea
1982-1983 President, Korean Association of International Law
1986-1991 Chairman, Advisory Committee, R.O.K. National Red Cross Humanitarian Law Institute
1990-1991 Dean, Graduate School, Sungkyunkwan University
1991-Present Professor Emeritus, Sungkyunkwan University
Major Articles
Major Articles
1976 The Study on the Legal Status and Unification of Divided States, Korea Observer Vol.7 No.4 3-42
1978 A Study on the
1978 A Study on the Problem South and North Korea';s Simultaneous Admission into the United Nations from Viewpoint of International Law, Korea Observer Vol.9 No.3 298-337
Major works
Major works