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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Song Mu

of Term
2005-07-15 ~ 2018-01-29
Specialty Korean History (Choson Period)
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1960 Seoul National University, Korea (B.A.)
1965 Seoul National University, Korea (M.A.)
1975-1980 Professor, Kookmin University
1979 Seoul National University, Korea (Ph.D.)
1981-2003 Professor, The Academy of Korean Studies
1982-1983 Coordinate Resercher, Harvard Yenching Institute
1988-1989 Guest Professor, Tuebingen University
1999-2003 President, The Institute of Korean History
2001-2005 Member. Supporting Committee of Korean-Japan History Research Cooperation
2003-Present President, The Academy of Korean History & Culture
2003-Present Professor Emeritus, The Academy of Korean Studies
Major Articles
Major Articles
1967 A study of Seonggyungwan in Early Yi Dynasty (「Journal of History」 vol.35,36)
1985 The Influence of Neo-Confucianism on Education and the Civil Service Examination System in Fourteenth Century Korea (「The Rise of Neo-Confucianism in Korea」, Columbia University)
1987 Social Status of Korean Slaves in Early Yi Dynasty(「Journal of Korean History」 vol.9, The Academy of Korean Studies)
1994 On the Cause of Factional Strife in Late Choson (「Korean Studies : New Pacific Currents」, Pacific Association for Korean Studies, University of Hawaii)
2008 Yi Hwang(Pen Name : Toegye) and Jo Sik(Pen Name : Nammyung) (「Journal of the National Academy of Science Republic of Korea-Humanities and Social Science Series」 vol.47, No 1)
Major works
Major works
1980 A Study of the Yangban in Early Yi Dynasty (Il Cho Kak)
1994 Examination System in Korea(Chip Mun Dang)
1999 Society and Thought of Choson Dynasty (Il Cho Kak)