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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Woo Sung

of Term
1992-07-31 ~ 2017-05-12
Specialty Korean History
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1954-1961 Professor, Dong-A University, Pusan
1961-1990 Professor, Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul
1967-1968 Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
1971-1973 President, The Korean Historical Association
1976 Doctor in Literature (Lt.D.), Sungkyunkwan University
1977-1978 Visiting Professor, Toyobunko, Tokyo, Japan
1983-1988 President, Society of Korean Literature in Hanmun
1990-Present Professor Emeritus, Sungkyunkwan University/ Visiting Professor, Santung National University, China
1994-2002 President, Korean Classics Research Institute
2000-2001 Yongje Professor, Yonsei University
2000-Present President, The T'oegye Studies Institute
2010-Present Director, Shilshi Haksa Foundation
Major Articles
Major Articles
1961 The Villages of the Goryeo Period, and 'Baekseong' entities(who did not receive lands from the government), Yeoksa Hakbo 14, pp.25∼44
1962 The
1964 People with 'Clerical' duties, within the Structure of the Goryeo Administration System, Yeoksa Hakbo 23, pp.1∼26
1965 The Yeong'eob-jeon(Land as a Permanent Property) units of the Goryeo Society, Yeoksa Hakbo 28, pp.1∼23
1965 The Idea of
Major works
Major works
1982 The Korean Historical Features, Changjak-gwa Bi'pyeong-sa
1991 Study of the Medieval Society of Korea, Iljogak
1995 The Rediscovery of Korean Classics, Han'gil-sa