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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Ju, Jin Soon

of Term
1982-06-10 ~ 2015-11-19
Specialty Nutrition
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1947 M.D. School of Medicine, Seoul National University, Korea
1947-1950 Post-doctoral Fellow, in nutritional sciences, National Chemistry Lab. Seoul, Korea
1950-1953 Instructuor, Busan National Fisheries University, Korea
1953-1987 Professor, School of Medicine, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
1956-1957, 60-61, 63-65 Research Associate, School of Med. & Dent., University of Rochester, Rochester N.Y., USA
1959 D.M.Sci. Graduate School, Seoul National University, Korea
1968-1970 Visiting Scientist in Nutritional Sciences, University of California Berkley, CA, USA
1975-1985 Member, Committee of Nutr. Education, International Union of Nutr. Sciences
1975-1987 Director, Research Institute of Nutrition. Korea University
1976-1986 Member, WHO/UNU World Hunger Program
1982-1989 Council Member of IUNS
1982-Present Member, The National Academy of Sciences, R.O.K.
1984-1989 Chairperson, Organizing Commitee for 14th IUNS Congress Seoul in 1989
1987-1997 Director, Korea Nutrition Institue, Hallym University, Korea
1987-Present Professor Emeritus, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
1989 President, 14th IUNS Congress, Seoul
1991-1997 Director, Korea Gerontology Center, Hallym University, Korea
2004-2008 Vice-President. National Academy of Sciences, ROK
Major Articles
Major Articles
1959 Change in Total Nitrogen Contents of Some Abdominal Viscera in Fasting, Nonprotein Diet and Realimentation, J.Nutr.(US), Vol.68, pp.633-648
1961 Mixture of Endogenous and Exogenous Protein in the Alimenarty Tract., J.Nutr.(US), Vol.74, pp. 461-472
1965 Plasma Amino Acid in Human After Eating Meat, Fed. Proc.(US), Vol.24, pp.269
1975 Amino Acid in Gut Contents and Blood Plasma of Rats as Affects by Dietary Imbalance, J.Nutr.(US), Vol.105, pp.69-79
1984 Long-Team Protein-Energy Requirment of Six Young Adult Korean Man, UNU Food and Nutr. Bull. Spp.1(US), Vol.10, pp.121-125
2000 Nutrition in the Republic of Korea, Brit. J. Nutr(UK), Vol.84(Supp2), S175-S198
Major works
Major works
2003 New Biochemisty, Shinkwang Pub. Co. Seoul, Korea coauthored with Hwang, U.I.
2009 Elementary Biochem. Kyomunsa Co. Seoul, Korea coauthored with Choi, J.H.