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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Park, Tai Won

of Term
1994-07-08 ~ 2014-05-14
Specialty Applied Chemistry
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1949 Graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University
1949-1961 Researcher, Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Defence
1961-1976 Professor, College of Engineering, Seoul National University
1969 Doctor of Engineering, Seoul National University
1976-1981 Vice-President, Inha University
1977-1979 President, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers
1982-1984 President, Korean Chemical Society
1983-1990 President, Inha University
1986-1988 President, Korean Institute of Bioengineering
1987-1990 President, The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
1989 Honorary Doctor of Science, Universite du HAVRE, France
1990-1996 Honorary President, Inha University
1991 Order of Civil Merit , Mugunghwajang
1994-1996 Chairman, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
1996-2002 Chairman, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
2002 Sungkok Academic and Cultural Prize
Major Articles
Major Articles
1957 Radioactivity of Korean Foods(1) Bull of Scientic Research Institute 2(51)
1971 Neutron Activation Analysis of Trace Metals in Rice Bran oil Chemical Engineering 9(191)
1972 The Effect of Agitation on Hydrocarbon Fermentation Chemical Engineering 10(107)
1977 Formation of Lipids by Petroleum Hydrocarbon Fermentation J. of Korean Chemical Society 21(449)
1986 Higher Education & Technological Innovation in Economic Development of Korea Pacific Focus 1(5)
Major works
Major works
1964 General Industrial Chemistry MOON WOON DANG
1977 Industrial Chemistry BOSUNG MOONWHASA
1993 University & scientific technology DOSU CHOOLPAN SAMMOON